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Money troubles are common, it’s something that many of us face at some point in our lives. But this doesn’t stop the world trying to make us feel bad about it wherever we turn. There’s a stigma attached to debt, and it can feel as bad as the debt itself sometimes. Especially if our financial hardships are common knowledge. There’s nothing more embarrassing and upsetting than appealing to a creditor for more leeway only for them to turn us down and seemingly judge us as financially irresponsible. No matter how polite they are with this rejection it just seems to make the situation feel worse.

We’re told our credit rating is poor and that we need to improve it, but then nobody will lend to us. It’s frustrating and leads us to wonder how exactly do we get out of the current slump that we’re in. Debt can snowball out of control very quickly and sometimes it’s not our fault, we’re doing the best we can. While debt can indeed be caused by poor choices on our part, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s necessary or we’ve needed to act out of desperation. In scenarios like this all we want to is be treated like an individual and not just numbers on a computer screen.

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Once we are tarnished it’s very hard to shake the stigma that debt brings, but the good news is even the worst blemish to our credit file doesn’t last forever. We can always climb out of the pit and start a fresh. While borrowing money to get out of debt can seem like a bad idea, it is on occasion, the only way this can be achieved. Spending money to make money is an old cliché, but there is an element of truth to it. After all, if nobody reaches out to help us back to our feet, how exactly are we supposed to get there? Working harder or working more hours isn’t always the answer, many of us are already working all the hours we can and doing more could be detrimental to our health.

What does being "Blacklisted" mean?

Being "blacklisted" for credit is often something that happens once an individual defaults several times on various debts. It can happen without our knowledge too, there is no large government body that oversees this and issues the status “blacklisted” on your credit file. You’re not going to receive a letter in the post informing you that you are blacklisted. It simply means that due to past financial problems like defaults and other issues, credit is now much harder to come by. But it’s not impossible, and the status of blacklisted doesn’t last forever. I may not last long at all. If you were to have a sudden windfall or your business was to quickly become highly profitable, this status would soon disappear regardless of how many defaults you had in the past.

What is a default?

A default is when in the eyes of a debtor, you have failed to keep up your payments and now your debt has been passed to a specialist debt collection agency. Defaults can sneak up on us, but generally take 90 days of none payment to be issued. They can sit on our credit file for a number of years and can be detrimental to us being granted future credit, but they don’t make it impossible. Many people have a good reason for a default and sometimes this can be enough to convince a new creditor that you’re a safe prospect.

Let’s imagine you’re applying for a mortgage on a small house. You have a 10% deposit and a decent salary in a stable job. Some lenders will see the default and question it, but it’s unlikely that a default regarding failure to pay a mobile phone bill 3 years ago is enough to affect your mortgage chances. The lender is far more likely to take your deposit amount and stable income into account first. Especially if the house is being bought by two people with progressive careers. We all suffer financial blips but they rarely affect us for life.

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What about if I’ve been bankrupt?

Being bankrupt is a different situation entirely and is not the same thing as being blacklisted. Although those who’ve been bankrupt before are likely to be blacklisted also. But again, this status doesn’t last forever. It’s just much, much harder to get credit in this situation. It isn’t impossible over time and the options below are the most likely sources of credit for someone in this situation.

We understand that if you’ve been refused a loan before then you may be worried about being on a ‘do not loan’ list. Alleviate your fears by applying online and viewing the lending options available to you today.
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Help is available

We’re living in an era of austerity so lots of people are struggling with money, but help is available if you know where to look. If you’ve been blacklisted and are struggling to get credit from most sources don’t worry, this will not be the case for life and there are places you can turn to for help when you’re desperate.

Payday loans, Doorstep loans, Quick loans, 15 minute loans and finally Log Book loans are all proven methods to get credit when you’re blacklisted. While Doorstep loans and Log Book loans may require a bit more information about you before the lender will approve it, they are intended for people with a bad credit rating and are therefore much more lenient than traditional sources of credit.

If you’re only looking for a small amount to cover an emergency, then Payday loans are a viable option. In 2019 Payday loan companies are subject to the same industry regulations that every other lender is, meaning there’s lots of legitimate Payday loan companies on the market who are willing to help those with poor credit ratings with little in the way of red tape.

Being approved for a Payday loan and successfully paying it back is also a great way to build your credit file back up. This is because in the eyes of other creditors, you’ve been granted credit then paid it back on time. Doing this several times with various different companies or the same one, will slowly but surely build your credit file back up.

Over time your status as blacklisted will soon disappear and be a thing of the past. Allowing you to get on with life and starting your path to financial recovery.

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