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We often think whoever it was that coined the phrase “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” never found themselves with a broken boiler two weeks before payday and the middle of December. Life has a habit of throwing problems our way when we least expect them, it also often does so at the worst possible time. In these situations we need a lifeline and to many people it’s a comfort to know there is one available.

We’re living in an era of austerity, where one can work hard to earn a decent wage but still struggle from time to time. It’s perfectly normal and certainly nothing to feel ashamed of. Lots of people ask for help when they struggle but very few ever admit to it. Be it asking their employer for an advance in wages, a ballooning credit card or a sympathetic parent, many people have a source of funds available to them in an emergency.

Of course, we’re not judging, if life does indeed throw a curveball our way what else are we supposed to do? Some would argue that everyone should save money to be prepared for such situations, but for many of us, even those on a healthy salary this is easier said than done. A nurse for example working 14 hour days, paying for a car to get to work, supporting two children, paying rent while saving for a mortgage deposit may not have enough left at the end of the month to put away extra.

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It’s okay to ask for help

Not everyone has a support system they can lean on in times of financial difficulty. Lines of credit may have been extended to the maximum and as a result an individual may be struggling to get by, or build their credit rating back up, meaning further loans have been declined. This can be a frightening time for anyone as it's usually in these moments when an unexpected bill comes out of nowhere, causing panic for those in receipt.

There comes a time when help is needed and it’s important to know it’s available. This is something we understand and strive to communicate to our customers. Our loans exist as a way of supporting those who need it, when they need it most. We understand that for many people a short-term loan is all they need, and a modest amount like £100 may be all they want. We get that those in need are not asking for the moon on a stick, chances are payday is right around the corner, but sometimes that’s too far away and their needs are immediate. All they need is a small loan to get them through to their next payday, we know this, and it is our aim to help them get past this difficult spot.

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Who are they for?

First of all, let’s start by saying a payday loan is not for everyone. We don’t want to pretend they are. We understand that there may be other options available and that some people may prefer those options. Like any loan, there is always an interest rate to consider, there is no point pretending otherwise. There are factors that can cause the interest to increase, such as length of the loan when compared to the amount. This is true of all money lending solutions. Like any form of debt, it’s up to the customer to decide if a short-term loan is right for them. We endeavour to help all our customers and guide each one to the right decision. Sometimes that’s to take a loan but sometimes it isn’t, it all depends on the case.

So as we said, a payday loan isn't for everyone, but it’s also important to add they are for anyone who needs one. And that might be you.

Benefits of a £100 loan

Sometimes £100 pounds is all we need to get us out of our current predicament. £100 is something we can use to fill our cupboards with food or put two new tires on our car. It’s an amount that is small enough to pay back in a manageable timeframe but substantial enough to help us get through a rocky patch. The amount itself is a benefit, any less may not be of use while anymore may be too much.

Helping those with poor credit scores

For those of us who are in debt, building our credit score back up can be an arduous task. We may pay our bills on time every month, but we’re told the main way to build up a credit score is to have credit and pay it back in a timely manner. The problem is if nobody will give us credit how do we do this?

The good news is £100 loan can help in this situation. While your credit score is always a factor we consider, we do also consider those who have a less than average credit score for £100 loans. Essentially, payday loans are more lenient to those who have bad credit and could be the answer to building it back up. Each £100 loan you pay back has a positive effect on your score. This over time is a much quicker way of building it back up than simply paying your bills. That’s because on each occasion, you are requesting credit, being given it, then paying it back when asked.

We understand that sometimes you only need a top-up for your wages and an amount as small as £100 is enough to pay any unexpected bills or expenses. It's also sensible to not lend more than you need.
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How do I apply for a £100 loan?

In order for us to consider you for eligibility we require you to be:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Be a full-time UK resident
  • Hold either full-time or part-time employment
  • Hold a bank account in the UK and have an up to date mobile number

Providing this eligibility criteria is met we would welcome your application. You can also contact us for more information and to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

We stress that we are not financial advisors, so we are unable to offer full financial advice. However we are happy to help you find out if our products would be suitable for you and aim to help in any way we can.

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